Diagnostic procedures in Rheumatology

Defining the disease process is the necessary first step, without which the future remains uncharted and treatment imprecise.


We aim to employ our clinical skills, history taking and physical examination, evaluation of laboratory data and imaging studies to establish accurate diagnoses as promptly as possible. In our new outpatient clinic for rheumatology and endocrinology we are excited to offer DEXA-densitometry for osteoporosis screening and management, and musculoskeletal ultrasound for diagnosis of soft tissue as well as joint diseases.

The digital x-ray system offers the opportunity to work with excellent image details of chest organs and joints/spine and to transfer the images very fast. The immunological/endocrinological laboratory was established in 2005 and its equippment offers extensive possibilities of immunological and endocrinological and metabolic state of the art testing.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become an important tool in the diagnosis and evaluationof rheumatic diseases and if it is necessary we can offer this diagnostic method for peripheral joints.

    Additional diagnostic tools include electrocardiogram (ECG), transabdominal ultrasonography, Carotid duplex ultrasound and thyroid ultrasonograph

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