Diagnostic procedures in Endocrinology

Defining the disease process is the necessary first step, without which the future remains uncharted and treatment imprecise.

We aim to employ our clinical skills, history taking and physical examination, evaluation of laboratory data and imaging studies to establish accurate diagnoses as promptly as possible.Our clinical and special laboratory investigations facilitate to diagnose hormonal and metabolic disturbances.Normally, blood or urine specimen are needed. Furthermore, some patients received medications to stimulate or to inhibit hormonal dysregulation. In addition, radiology or sonography are needed in some patients. If necessary, scintigraphy or tomography are applied.Osteoporosis is diagnosed by Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry and in case of fractures by digital radiology. Especially, bone markers are determined to specify if bone formation or bone resorption is disturbed.All the diagnostic results and therapeutic strategies are explained to the patients to reach optimal results. Laboratory values and radiological pictures (cd rom i.e.) are handed out, if needed. 

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